Forms of Play for Competitions



The game has 3 forms –

  1. men’s and women’s singles,
  2. men’s and women’s doubles, 
  3. mixed doubles, where each pair consists of a man and a woman.




The winner of a team competition is the team that wins the most number of games out of five matches played. These five matches must include 3 singles and 2 doubles played alternatively, starting and ending with the singles match. Team competitions and tournaments may include men and women in the same tournament. In a variation under the ‘Forms of Play’ called the ‘Mixed Rule’ for competitions and if agreed by both sides, one singles and one doubles match out of the two must be played by women, or it may be a mixed double.



Jombola rules restrict the design, size and weight of the racquet and ball. Hence, only equipment bearing the mark of ‘Jombola’ is authorized for use in play, competitions and tournaments. Anyone using any other device or equipment will be immediately disqualified. All racquets and balls bearing the ‘Jombola’ mark have been produced to specifications laid down by the International Jombola Federation (IJF) and established in laboratory tests ensuring the correct weight, correct flight, speed and bounce.